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vacation, right here

The sun is out, the city is warming up, and all it does is remind me of springtime in Paris. And with a high unlikelihood of Paris and I reuniting this spring, another escape is much needed.

Enter, in perfect time, Joshua Jensen-Nagle.

The uber-talented photographer’s work is currently taking over the main floor of Bau-Xi Photo, and it’s surely the quickest way to be transported to Europe without stepping foot in Pearson. On until the 17th (go, hurry) the exhibit features photos taken on Polaroid film and blown way up and out. The result is a dream-like look at beautiful locales. With classic European architecture as many of the backgrounds, the images draw you in to another place and time, offering – even if only momentarily – a break from the grind outside.

With the weekend’s bright forecast ahead of us, start planing now for a coffee at Orange Alert and a daydreaming session at Bau-Xi Photo.

Joshua Jensen-Nagle :: Bau-Xi Photo :: 324 Dundas Street West


bake, photo, repeat.

She’s a lucky girl, the one who receives requests to capture her products.
Some are designers, showing off on lovely models.
Some are painters, standing in front of mile high canvases.

Me, I bake.

And luckily, my photogenius friends think baking looks pretty. One in particular  went so far as to hand me a bottle of wine and ask me to bake while she captured it all on her fancypants camera. (I have great friends, right?) And so I baked while friend – codename Fred – took a few hundred shots. It was brilliant. And now the results have arrived and it’s caused me to do a sugar-filled happy dance.

A very brief selection is below for your viewing pleasure, and the whole set can be found over here on Flickr.

(And then send suggestions for what should be shot next s.v.p.)

potholes keep getting pretty

A little while ago, we told you about the prettiest of potholes. Well it seems like the once detested ditches are continuing their journey into the hearts of artists.

MyPotholes has Claudia Ficca and Davide Luciano finding “the perfect pothole” then staging a photoshoot around it (amidst traffic breaks of course, safety first) – with models, props, and a good bit of patience, the holes are turned into just about anything.

From grape stomping in Montreal to puppy bathing in L.A. you’ll never look at your street’s potholes the same.

Head to the project’s site to learn more about the artists and see the gallery.

Dog Wash on Alfred Street, Los Angeles © Claudia Ficca & Davide Luciano

Via Think Contra

when chefs use colour

…my eyes smile.

Food makes us happy. Colour makes us happy. Humour makes us happy.

Leave it to The Selby to fit all of those into one stunning photo collection. See a few shots below, and many more on his site, of his visit with chef Inaki Aizpitarte at his apartment and his restaurant Le Chateaubriand in Paris.

Go have yourself a drool.