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frank and oak is covering the basics

It wasn’t so long ago that Frank and Oak was just a dream waiting to be realized: stylish menswear for under $50. Too good to be true, what’s the deal?

No deal – just great clothes at an accessible price point, with new stock every month. For March, that stock is covering you for basics: button ups, jackets, ties, and solid accessories. Your spring wardrobe tune-up just got a lot easier.

So if you haven’t already, head on over and have a peak at the offering.

You could look as good as this boy, and who wouldn’t want that?


frank & oak wants you to look good.

Boys, boys, boys.

As of late, there’s been a lot of chatter about the male-gender needing to step up it’s dressing game. Sure we have some doing a spectacular job (a.k.a my bestie Sharad who always kills it, and that other boy of mine who dresses every day in hopes of impressing Sharad) – but there are still some slacking. Ill fitting jeans and worn out tees do not a wardrobe make. It’s comfy, sure, but better fitting jeans and a button-up are just as comfy. So listen up.

There’s a new player in town and you’ll want to lend an ear:

Frank & Oak is launching next month with the promise of well-priced gentlemanly clothes & accessories. And it gets better:

1. The selection will be limited edition, with new products each month. So your best-dressed efforts won’t be easily copied.

2. As an online retailer, you can kiss the mall goodbye.

So in summary: affordable, good looking clothes, with zero hassle.

Awesome right? Of course. Now get on the list and let them tell you when you can start digitally-swiping your way to your best-looking spring season.

Clicky, clicky.

saturday sampler :: jane birkin

Jane Birkin is just wonderful isn’t she?

Read what she and Refinery29 chatted about, including what seems like an endless supply of menswear (read: my dream).

what to do with all those floorshirts

floorshirt     /flôrSHərt/
1. A garment for the upper body made of cloth, with a collar, sleeves, and buttons down the front, which has made a home for itself on the flat surface below your feet.

Our apartment is full of floorshirts, multicoloured critters that infest in the living room, the bedroom and sometimes, that wee little area under the liquor shelf. To date, they’ve had a peaceful existence, spending the bulk of their days on the floor, from time to time being shoved into a pile or, on special occasions (read: company) being shoved into the closet.

They’ve lived free of the traumas of teeshirts and sweaters, which are routinely stolen from their home to be twisted, tugged, and tucked until they’ve been convinced into a womenswear-worthy ensemble, aka: stolen by me.

But now,  yes now, floorshirts can expect the same treatment. Behold.

kingpin’s hideaway : where the vintage goes to play

Amidst a cranky-pants-sick-face week, my couch and I became very good friends, separating only for minutes as I fetched us servings of tea and grapefruit. As Thursday night rolled around, the air outside dipped low. Too low. Couch and I decided it would be a good evening to stay in and rest…more. But an email from Anthea piqued my interest:

Gentlemenswear.  With Balls.
Please join us tonight for a warm welcome to the Kingpin Pop-up Shop at Cabaret!

Couch and I talked it over and decided to part ways for the evening. Boyfriend had been dragged to enough girl-only events, it was time we did something for him. And me oh my, am I ever happy to have made that decision.

Hidden in the underground “backstage” of vintage shop Cabaret, Kingpin‘s pop-up shop is every man’s best friend. Lustful for the days of smoking jackets and pipes? You’re covered. Wishing a perfect suit could be easily found with shirt options to spare? You’re covered. Dreaming of that perfect bowler or fedora to top it off? You’re covered. From suits to shoes and all the fixins, you’re covered.

Owner Jonathan Hagey stocks “gentlemens wear, with balls” which includes everything a man needs to look dapper from head to toe. And I do mean everything: suits and shirts of course, along with shoes, hats, cuff links, suspenders, bowties, even clips and pins for the latter.

In what feels like a speakeasy, visitors can peruse the racks and find the likes of Alexander McQueen, Versace and YSL among the incredibly curated collection. All still in top-quality condition to boot.

And ladies fear not – there’s a great collection of womenswear to find as well. This girl walked away with some great heels and a silk Dolce & Gabbana blouse.

Kingpin (Cabaret Vintage) – 672 Queen St. West


a trip back in time with gotstyle

With Pan Am and The Playboy Club getting all the on-air attention these days, the world is starting to feel a little retro. The clothes, the hair, and oh so many cigars – what’s old is new again as the 50s & 60s make a come back.

The suiting & menswear pros over at Gotstyle took this new trend and made it all kinds of awesome by turning their Fall 2011 fashion show into a full blown 50s party. Gambling tables, cigarette girls, and bunnies as far as the eye could see, The Gotstyle Club was a throw back to much more glamorous time.

With whiskey in hand, we watched as a collection of greatly tailored suits made their way down the runway (on a collection of equally attractive men, of course), proving that looking sleek and stylish can be exceptionally easy with the help of a great jacket. And while not all men are so lucky to be styled by Sharad Mohan, they can certainly learn a thing or two from this freshly educated man. Colours, layers, ties and bow ties are all your friends. And above all, fun is your friend.

To get some inspiration for yourself or that man in your life, head on over to Gotstyle’s facebook to check out photos of the show and photos of the event.