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show Duckie some love today

I know a boy who can’t stand to watch Pretty in Pink for one reason: Duckie gets no love.

He sits and yells at poor Molly Ringwald to show Duckie just an ounce of appreciation, until the movie ultimately gets turned off for fear of television punching injuries.

That boy will be happy to see that Duckie, along with a motley crew of John Hughes characters are now getting a ton of love. Gallery 1988 in Santa Monica is showing a tribute to the filmmaker who gave us some our generation’s most loved (and apparently, hated) characters.

The Road to Shermer: A Tribute to John Hughes, on display until March 4th, features 50 artists honoring Hughes’ films and characters.

Many of the works can be viewed online for those of too far away to visit in person. But be warned, once you have a look, you’ll be itching to alter a dress, stomp on a desk or start a parade.

Dave MacDowell “Pretty in Pink”

Pat Kinsella “Untitled”

Aaron Jasinski “The Rebirth of Cameron Fry”