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happy first birthday Rent frock Repeat

They grow up so fast don’t they? Already a year old, Rent frock Repeat has been offering the ladies of the city a place to have the dress of their dreams, for only as long as their fleeting dreams last. Here today, gone tomorrow, with only a memory of the perfect dress to accompany the new #1 on speed dial.

After all, it takes a special kind of someone to give you the above photo along with the promise of commitment-free dressing. RfR > anything.

To celebrate, the ladies had cake.

This lady, however, will celebrate by posting photos taken in the greatest place on earth (tip: not Disney, but rather, RfR studio). Spring weddings in full effect? Check out the cute, colourful options below. Spring wedding attended by an ex in effect? Check out the hot, sequined options below.

All photo credits: Nicole R. Full set on Flickr.

And don’t forget to check out an interview with Lisa and Kristy, the talent ladies behind Rent frock Repeat, courtesy of Anthea over at Clothes Line Finds.


sneak peak :: all dressed up with rent frock repeat

Take a look at your closet. Right now. Ask yourself: when was the last time I wore that blue chiffony thing? Is it hanging between another dress you haven’t worn since cousin so-and-so got hitched, and another that hasn’t seen the light of day since your newly single girlfriend insisted you be her date to a prom-revival engagement party? It is. You know it. Your closet is bursting at the seams with dresses you’ll rarely have occasion to wear, and when you do have occasion, you’ll be tired of the ones staring back at you and drop cash on a new one.

It’s a vicious cycle. We’re pretty much all guilty.

But fear not, there is a saviour! *cue harp and cherub hums*

Introduce yourself to Rent frock Repeat, your new best friend. Offering the ingenious service of dress rentals, RfR gives you the chance to get that new dress you’ve been aching for at a price tag you can actually live with. And once you’re done, send it right back to keep your closet free for things you’ll actually wear.

The selection: amazing. So much so, that Anthea and I wanted to play dress up to show you some of the great pieces you can rent. A full(er) post will come with final photos, but until then, I couldn’t wait to tell you all about RfR AND show you a sneak peak. Take a look below and then head right on over to the website to start picking out your upcoming-weddings-wardrobe.

Rue Pigalle brings Lena Erziak to Canada

Walking into the Verity library on Tuesday, one might have thought that they had been transported to the closet of a glamorous movie star. Golden era, of course. Filled with plush couches, silk scarves, glittering jewelry, and bags.

The bags.

Lena Erziak handbags. Making their  Canadian debut thanks to Yorkville boutique Rue Pigalle, these high quality stunners are set to become your next go-to bag. 

Designed by sisters Leona and Hasna Erziak, the line offers a good range of sizes, from teeny hard clutches (see the apple below) to near-duffle bag size carriers to get you through the day. All have the mark of incredible care on them. Intricate hand beading, 24-carat gold-plated chains, embossed pony hair – there is something special about each piece, making you want it as your one and only.

The display also featured jewelry and scarves from other designers carried at Rue Pigalle. It’s easy to see that owner Isabelle Fish has a keen eye for unique and effortlessly glamorous pieces. Jewelry runs the gamut from dainty and classic, to statement and modern, ensuring that anyone who steps through the doors will find that one piece that speaks to them. And since everything is personally selected by Fish, mostly from her homeland of France, you can bet that you’ll have a hard time finding these items anywhere else.

Evidence of the care given to the product by both the designers and the store was found in our parting gift. Offering either a leather card holder or the signature tassel from the handbags, both were packaged impeccably in a red suede pouch and tucked into a gift box. Rue Pigalle takes this one step further with it’s signature tissue paper – printed with letters written by Fish’s great-grand mother to her son serving in WW1 in 1918. As I said then, if that’s the love you put into your tissue paper, the amount found in the store must be unworldly.

First 5 photos are courtesy of my date for the evening, the lovely Anthea at Clothes Line Finds. You can find many more on the Lena Erziak website.

Tip: the bags have been named after famous prisoners through history, see if you can tell who’s who.