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dress up with The Sweetness

A little while ago we told you about the ever talented Chloe Charles. She went off on her fabulous tour and came back with not only great stories, but a great new band too. Comprised of Toronto natives Charles and Sam McLellan, and Texans Aly Tadros and Douglas Jay Boyd, The Sweetness is the anti- folk supergroup that proves a love of music really can make it all work. Through  the support of fans and well-wishers along the way, the foursome has done quite well:

Not only do we mesh perfectly, but the support ranges from donations (fan-funded album and tour), to free meals and documentaries. Most North American shows will be filmed for a documentary by award winning German director Pascal Fetzer.

— Chloe Charles

The live album was recorded with The Strokes producer Gordon Raphael while everyone found themselves in Austin. Soon after, The Sweetness would play at nine (yes, nine) SXSW showcases.

With positive show reviews scattered across the globe, the quartet now brings its sweet sounds to Toronto for a CD release like no other. Cabaret style.

Tonight at The Rivoli, the band invites you and your friends to dress up in your best cabaret-inspired wears for an evening of fun and music. All the details are right here on Facebook, so make sure to check it out and start raiding the closet.


talent, personified

If talent had a name, that name would be Chloe Charles. The Toronto-based, world-touring musician is headed off on yet another tour, bringing her to the U.S. and Europe – lucky girl. To celebrate her short return to the city, Miss Charles played The Rivoli last night with fellow musicians Ben Wilkins and Anna Atkinson. The show was nothing short of magical, a term seemingly adopted from her uber-talented drummer Mackenzie Longpre. If you haven’t heard of Chloe Charles, be prepared for utter delight.

Chloe has been likened to a rougher Cat Power, Esthero but sweeter, Portishead unplugged, a depressed Nick Drake and the sensuality of Smoke City. Older listeners sometimes mention subtle resonances of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Cars”, Janis Ian’s “At Seventeen”, Joan Armatrading’s “Love and Affection”, even early Joni Mitchell.

Yes, she really is all those things and so many more. Her voice will send shivers down your spine – smooth, perfectly pitched, and incredibly steady. With great collaborators on an array of instruments (tonight’s being violin and drums) you’ll swear you’re listening to a recording. It’s that good.

I urge you to take a moment of your day – right now, actually – to head over to Chloe’s website to listen to a few songs and maybe even buy her latest CD Little Green Bud. You won’t be disappointed.