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spotted :: Flare.com street style

If there’s ever a day to be extra excited about being in the Flare.com street style post, it’s on #WearCanada day. Score.

Check out my killer Nella Bella Melbourne bag (a.k.a the bag my life exists in) and my dangerously comfy Bedo silk pants.

In non-Canadian wears, I’ve got a Diane von Furstenberg jacket, Aldo shoes and more metallic bangles than you can shake a stick at.


fashion fairy godpeople do exist

A few weeks ago, I decided to enter a contest. You may remember it.

As it turns out, I won that contest and proceeded to have what turned out to be one of the best nights of my fashion life. Here’s how it went down.

After contemplating whether or not my uber-painful, but oh-so-hot heels were a good idea, it was time to head out the door with boyfriend and (boy)friend. To the Audi dealership we went. Excited. A first for all three. We’ve attended shows before, even landing front row at a few, but never a Greta Constantine show. This was kind of a big deal.

Greta Constantine

Once inside, the massive space quickly shrank to welcoming proportions upon seeing so many familiar faces. GC PR guy Jesse would be the first – as welcoming as a few days earlier when I’d picked up my Sony Bloggie at the studio. I expected the usual chicken-without-head dance PR folk start on show day. Not Jesse. Calm, cool, collected. Fashion PR peeps, take note.

Move into the main room to mingle. A moment of panic strikes when a thought crosses my mind; am I going to be that girl everyone sneers at for winning a contest and not really “deserving”…the thought is interrupted when I’m spotted by a friend. Then another and eventually more. No one questions how I got here. I work in fashion. I write about fashion. Of course I’d be here. How’d it take me so long to figure this out?

Chit chat and intros proceed until it’s time to head downstairs for the show. We take our seats, front row. A girl could get used to this.

Snow falls by the runway entrance. It’s cold outside, but somehow it doesn’t keep me from loving this scene. It’s peaceful and pretty and nicely settles the crowd. Then, the show starts. And what a show it is. While Stephen and Kirk have been called the jersey boys, they’re making efforts to move onto different fabrics and doing a great job.

Photography by Jenna Marie WakaniPhotography by Jenna Marie Wakani









On trend for the season, there was velvet. Not my favourite material, but offered in deep jewel tones and paired with heavy greys, I actually loved it. The coats were a no brainer for me, falling in love with most of them; tailored ones with exaggerated sleeves are the perfect go-to jacket, cocoon styles could make winter almost bearable, and a massively hooded cape, worn over a short red dress, reminded me of everything I love about fall.

Photography by Jenna Marie WakaniPhotography by Jenna Marie Wakani









When the Ezra Constantine line came out, boys were decked in equally well made coats along with impossibly-comfy looking draped separates.  As with a few of the women’s pieces, many offered a surprisingly long train, or other detail on the back of the garment. My video taking skills would suffer as I desperately tried to take it all in while following the passing models.

Photography by Jenna Marie WakaniPhotography by Jenna Marie Wakani









The girls came back out, showing the eveningwear we’re used to. Classic, sophisticated, beautiful. What is there to say? They know how to make a beautiful dress. I had just seen one a few days earlier at The Heart Truth fashion show where the celebrity model raved about it. As she should. Each dress is beautifully draped, showing off a figure without clinging unbearably to the body. This is the kind of dress you feel special in. Or so I imagine. That contest hasn’t come up yet.

Photography by Jenna Marie WakaniPhotography by Jenna Marie Wakani









Last, but certainly not least, were the shoes. A collaboration with Aldo, the boots (short and tall) and wedges (my favourite, obviously) were covered in a stunning fabric the boys had purchased but couldn’t use. Much to my dismay, it was pointed out that they weren’t for sale. The models got to keep theirs. Extra jealous. And given that those models don’t have size 7.5 feet, I couldn’t even plot to steal them when I saw the girls wearing them at Fashion Week a few days later.

All in all, the show was stunning. My Bloggie-captured finale video is posted below and you can see lovely photos over at Fashion Magazine. (Better yet, see the clothes in person this Friday when Stephen and Kirk make a personal appearance with the collection at Holt Renfrew Bloor Street from 4-7pm.)

Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

With the show over, we headed backstage. Among the chaos we found an Elit Vodka bar, a Smartwater ice sculpture, and loads of interviewers. After watching a few interviews, I managed to sneak in a hello with Jesse, Kirk (whom I had met at the studio) and finally Stephen, before heading back upstairs to the party.












It was, of course, a great party. With Toronto fashion season only just beginning, people were happy to stay out for the night. And so we stayed, much to my feet’s surprise, all night long. We lasted so long we even missed the gift bags. But did it matter? Not really. I had just had my fashion fantasy come true. I work behind the scenes, I always have, and I love it. But it was great to sit out front, take it all in and be part of the crowd at one of Toronto’s biggest and brightest shows. It was a night to remember. And if I work hard enough, maybe even a night I’ll get to experience again. After all, just over a year ago, I was trapped at a desk wishing for another life.

And here it is, my other life, right in front of me.

All runway photos taken from Fashion Magazine.