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a2zane has dreamt my dream

a2zane calls itself a handbag and accessories store. While *technically* accurate, this seems to sell it short. What you’ll find behind the doors here is a collection of must-have, can’t-live without, need-right-now items carefully selected by owner Zane Aburaneh.

You won’t find a drab old bag here, you will find an exquisitely tailored piece of leather that will stand out in a crowd. The latest Toronto it bag, The Cambridge Satchel, is available in a rainbow of colours, even non-neons for the faint of heart. A slew of go-anywhere Rebecca Minkoff bags are nicely accompanied by their male counterpoints, Ben Minkoff. But my heart truly belongs to the royal blue Vlieger and Vandam GAC Mini Attache.

The boys are covered with gorgeous options from duffle, to laptop and even “travels bags” (backpacks you won’t be ashamed of wearing). And for the month of November, RIMOWA luggage & briefcases are available for those really looking to travel in style.

On the accessories front, Zane continued to tug at my heart strings with neon watches and great big hunks of silver jewelry. The former, a collection of interchangeable watch faces and bands in more colours than the Satchels. It’s a fitting discovery that my favourite O’Clock watch is named 80s. Clearly designed with me in mind. The same can be said for the Elizabeth & James claw ring that had me punching boyfriend in the arm while shouting “Christmas, Christmas.” Subtlety, who needs it?

And while your girl is busy pawing at claw jewelry, the men can take their time checking out bowties, ties, wallets, and even Penny Proppers.

So to recap: bags & jewelry. neon & silver.

Zane has crawled into my dreams and made them reality.

a2zane – 753 queen street west