favourite things :: w/o feb 20, 27

Yeah your bonsai is cool. But does it have a tree house?

I didn’t need this, but I appreciate it. Why coffee is amazing for me. And you.

Balanced cupcake breakfast. Totally reasonable.

Space Janitors. This is a thing, and it’s an amazing one at that.

This is a thing too. Olivia Wilde plays with her breasts. GQ knows men. Clearly.

This magazine is infinitely more amazing than the site leads on. Birthday listed.


frank and oak is covering the basics

It wasn’t so long ago that Frank and Oak was just a dream waiting to be realized: stylish menswear for under $50. Too good to be true, what’s the deal?

No deal – just great clothes at an accessible price point, with new stock every month. For March, that stock is covering you for basics: button ups, jackets, ties, and solid accessories. Your spring wardrobe tune-up just got a lot easier.

So if you haven’t already, head on over and have a peak at the offering.

You could look as good as this boy, and who wouldn’t want that?

denis gagnon knows how to steal hearts

I’m going to go ahead and assume it’s common knowledge that Denis Gagnon is an amazing designer. With a flair for extremes, paired with a keen ability to tailor and edit, his pieces are wonderfully unique without being so flashy you’re hard pressed to wear them outside of fashion week tents.

The  French-Canadian enfant terrible of the industry is rapidly collecting the hearts of audiences and critics since returning to the fashion stage in 2009, and now with a stand alone boutique, it seems things are continuing to look up.

A recent trip to MTL brought me right to the gates of glory, a classic old building in Old Montreal, glass front, overlooking the basement level shop. A shaggy green chandelier, mannequins in short skirts and leather, a sculptural wood bench, the store is exactly what you’d picture for a designer who so eagerly throws caution to the wind when presented with the idea of standard practice.

Carrying both his signature line, and a few other designers for accessories, shoes and clothing, the store is small and welcoming. With huge change rooms, you feel at ease trying on the masterpieces Gagnon is known for.

How would I know about the change rooms?

Well, I may have gotten a little excited by my surroundings. There was a sale rack (!!) the contents of which made walking away empty handed damn-near impossible. So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my new love: leather and knit jacket, so perfectly fitted, so comfy and so, so beautiful.

You like?

(photo cred)

Denis Gagnon Boutique | 170b rue Saint-Paul Ouest, Vieux-Montréal

extend the love-day love with some eye candy

Valentine’s has come and gone, again.


I sure am. And no, the “feelings are for chumps” camp does not wave a flag over here. Rather, the team flag around these parts reads something like “do romantic things anytime, all the time, even now-ish.”

Did you just throw up a bit picturing a couple than on any given night might bring home chocolate, a new toy, or a favourite treat? Well swallow it back down and take note: a couple that treats every day like V-Day is a happy couple.

Depending on holidays to do something special only makes every other day lame. So I propose you do special things more often for no reason at all. An incredibly easy way to do this came to mind the other day when La Senza launched it’s new Eye Candy collection.

The go-to bra and panty stop has taken a swift turn for sultry with it’s lingerie offering as of late, and this collection is just the thing you need to spice up a random good-for-nothing Tuesday.

Healthily padded bras in red and black with lace details make getting sexy super-simple (matching panties abound, of course). For a little something extra, opt for a bustier and garter instead,  plus matching tutu for the brave. Need even more of a costumey jolt? The maid apron babydoll is just for you.The full lingerie collection offers something for everyone, and those shopping in store can easily opt for a 5 second fitting to make sure they’re getting the right fit in addition to the right piece. As for gentlemen looking for a gift but unsure of size: a slip or babydoll may be easier to pick out, and any lady would be happy to get a gift card as well.

One thing’s for sure, with lingerie at under $60, turning a lame old weekday into a very special evening has never been easier. You’ll even have money left over for a bottle of bubbly and perhaps some bedroom bucks.

Check out photos below of La Senza’s Naughty Nights event to launch the collection at the Eaton Centre store, and consider this as your new special look:

favourite things :: w/o feb 6, 13

Octopus ring. Seriously. It’s PERFECT. (Sensing a trend? 1.. 2.. 3.. 4..)

This Kate Spade All Aboard Ship clutch is too, too good. It’ll go with the ring.

Spring 2012 is looking bright, for many reasons, including this one.

Actually, check out the whole set. Gorgeous pics throughout.

Loads of people do street style. None quite like Danielle Meder

For so many reasons I wish I could have been at this. Vice. Bondage. Dogs. WTF.

Ending on a high note: pretty and mindful, peaceBOMB bracelets.


first love or new love, just call it dr. martens

The long-loved Dr. Martens brand is doing one heck of a job of staying fresh and relevant, and this Wednesday’s SS12 FIRST LOVE Campaign Launch party certainly didn’t let that momentum go to waste.

As the second part of the #FIRSTANDFOREVER campaign, Dr. Marten asked bloggers nation-wide to submit images of the their first loves, which were all displayed in the Queen West store. The FIRST LOVE film starring everyone’s favourite Brit model Agyness Deyn played in the background.

Also on display was the new Dr. Martens collection which was really the star for me. You know why? This is why:



And with heels making a strong presence in the collection, the Dr. Martens store should definitely be on your list of stops for your next Queen Street stroll.

Check out some photos of the party below.
(photo cred photagonist.ca )

favourite things :: w/o jan 30

What the what now? Nicki Minaj & David Guetta make a video.

I don’t blame Kristen Bell one bit. I’d freak out too if a sloth came over.

It was a good video week, clearly. Phil Villeneuve helped with love to Ellen.

All kinds of love for these prints. Antique French paper + Octopus King = gold.

The only thing nicer than a great watch? It’s insides.

There are fashion colouring books! Not just one, but two. must.get.now.