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add this to your playlist – SPIN’s Pitch’s Brew

As an apology for the mass delay in posts, please accept this peace offering in the form of (someone else’s) mix tape.

The Pitchfork Music Festival is happening this weekend in Chicago and as such, SPIN has put forth it’s annual mix tape, showcasing it’s selection of best acts. The free download promises a great selection of tracks, all perfectly suited the gorgeous summer ahead.

Go on, get downloading.

Don’t forget to follow @SPINfestivals on Twitter to get the live-tweets from music festivals all summer long. 


add this to your playlist :: GIRL

GIRL is pretty awesome band, to keep it short. If you’d like to read a bit more about them, give a read to the intro I did for FAT then head to their site.

Once you’ve finished those two easy-peesy tasks, you can celebrate with a free download of their single Pulp. It’ll get you in the perfect mood for backyard summer dance parties.

Fists up.

add this to your playlist :: marc johnce

With Spring showers in full effect, we could all use a little pick me up. What better way to get the spirits lifted than a dance-party worthy track? And a mashup to boot? Now you’re talking.

Today’s track is brought to us by German mashup producer Marc Johnce – one half of D.M.F. (Danish-German Mashup Forces) – he blends already killer tracks in bottom-shaking anthems. His latest, a mashup of Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) and Whitney Houston’s classic I Wanna Dance with Somebody.

Generosity abounding, he’s even going to let you download the sounds for free.

So head on over to his site and get dancing.

 Friday Night I Wanna Dance With Somebody

the beastie boys are better

Better than most. In musicality, creativity, and general awesomality.

The latest proof? Fight for Your Right Revisited – a 30 minute continuation of their 1986 favourite Fight for Your Right (to Party!). Using a slew of A-list celebs (and, conveniently, Funny or Die contributors) the boys head out post-party and wreak havoc on the streets.

The short film also acts as the music video for “Make Some Noise” the first single from their upcoming CD Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2.

Check out the videos over at The Audio Perv.

empire records was ahead of it’s time

Some of us, whose birthyears shall remain unannounced, recall a time when countless weekend hours were spent in record stores checking the latest tunes, discovered unknowns gems, and listening to the lead signer of a local band spew epic stories about the last show.

It would seem that this is no longer how weekends are spent.

According to Jack White in fact, “97% of all high school aged kids have never been to a stand alone record store” (American statistic, likely, but are Canadians much different we wonder?)

And he’s setting out to make change with The Third Man Rolling Record Store.

Making it’s debut appearance during next week’s SXSW music festival, the bright yellow van offers 45s, LPs and exclusive collectibles. Guests DJs will even play sets from the store’s catalog. Neat.

Saturday Sampler – Henry Rollins

For the return of Saturday Sampler, we offer you a Spinner interview with punk legend Henry Rollins. If you grew up in a small town some time after the late 70s, odds are there was a punk scene, and odds are the kids in that scene all owned a Black Flag t-shirt. If you look hard enough, you’ll find that a few of them have the iconic logo tattooed on their calf. Black Flag, and Henry Rollins, became legends to many.

Rollins, who turns 50 on February 13, has been in the public eye ever since his Black Flag days. He’s found success with Rollins Band, as an author, an activist and pretty much anything he lays his finger on.

As a spoken word artist, he’s offered his thoughts, opinions, and stories to fans who come out to hear one of, arguably, the most outspoken people in the music industry. Rollins has often made his feelings known about the state of punk music in the modern day mainstream, but unlike others, he’s not judging anyone for it, which is probably a big part of why he still garners such respect.

Considering his commitment to his fans, it’s little surprise that he’s celebrating his birthday with more spoken word tour dates. Spinner chatted with Rollins to talk about his past, his present, and of course, what he thinks of the music today.

[…] It just sounds kind of more like complaining than real outrage. But it’s not for me to say. Let’s pretend you like these [mainstream rock] bands. Right on! I’m not going to put you down for what you like. Go get the T-shirt. Go to the gig. Life is short. If you love Nickelback, go and see them. Get out there, man, because all of a sudden, you’re 40, and you don’t have time to go see gigs.

— Henry Rollins

Grab a chair, have a read, and remind yourself of why this man has gotten as far as he has. Brains, balls and brutal honesty.

Once you’ve finished that little bit of reading, why not enjoy Mr Rollins tell the story of working with William Shatner. Impressions included.

sxsw from afar

South by Southwest, the annual music, film an interactive conference goes down once again next month. March 11th to 20th will see Austin, Texas explode with thousands of fans, showing up to hear what’s new, undiscovered and about to get big.

It’s a hot bed of killer talent you only wish you knew about sooner.

And now you can.

Whether you’re researching who to check out when you get to Austin (lucky you), or can’t make it down and want to feel a part of the party, Spinner has got your back. They’re offering up downloads from over 140 of the musical performers. For free.

Yes you heard me – over 140 songs for free.

Go ahead, you can do it, legal downloading. It exists I swear. Right up there. Then have a listen and let me know your favourite tune.

Last year’s collection included the song that would see incredibly heavy rotation for a few months…on my MP3 player.