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what the button says

Please stand by during this unscheduled (and slighty predictable) intermission.

Button’s got me covered.


favourite things :: w/o mar 5, 12

Malajube makes me happy. Without fail. Even in cold MTL weather, I bet.

That dress. .that.dress. Oh Daphne, share your closet.

Trying to remember to eat the rainbow for optimal health? Pantone helps.

Teeny Stormtroopers are teeny. But infinitely more awesome.

All that is Louis and Marc, in book and museum forms.

favourite things :: w/o feb 20, 27

Yeah your bonsai is cool. But does it have a tree house?

I didn’t need this, but I appreciate it. Why coffee is amazing for me. And you.

Balanced cupcake breakfast. Totally reasonable.

Space Janitors. This is a thing, and it’s an amazing one at that.

This is a thing too. Olivia Wilde plays with her breasts. GQ knows men. Clearly.

This magazine is infinitely more amazing than the site leads on. Birthday listed.

favourite things :: w/o feb 6, 13

Octopus ring. Seriously. It’s PERFECT. (Sensing a trend? 1.. 2.. 3.. 4..)

This Kate Spade All Aboard Ship clutch is too, too good. It’ll go with the ring.

Spring 2012 is looking bright, for many reasons, including this one.

Actually, check out the whole set. Gorgeous pics throughout.

Loads of people do street style. None quite like Danielle Meder

For so many reasons I wish I could have been at this. Vice. Bondage. Dogs. WTF.

Ending on a high note: pretty and mindful, peaceBOMB bracelets.


favourite things :: w/o jan 30

What the what now? Nicki Minaj & David Guetta make a video.

I don’t blame Kristen Bell one bit. I’d freak out too if a sloth came over.

It was a good video week, clearly. Phil Villeneuve helped with love to Ellen.

All kinds of love for these prints. Antique French paper + Octopus King = gold.

The only thing nicer than a great watch? It’s insides.

There are fashion colouring books! Not just one, but two.

favourite things :: w/o jan 23

So, my birthday shot has been decided: birthday cake jello shot.

Prints prints print. Colour colour colour. Wardrobe inspiration

Model-Morphosis is back. See here: a study of the Wixson face.

Sometimes, even the earth needs a little help seeing.

And sometimes, we all need to be reminded how great this collection was.

favourite things :: w/o jan 16

I may be shamefully behind in posts, but at least I’ve got many a favourite thing this week. Enjoy.

This pig is more glamorous than I’ve ever been. I would like to adopt it.

Food that is drawn is still food worth praising.

Is Karmen Pedaru Spring 2012’s Campaign Queen? I certainly hope so.

Best wishes from Next. Animated .gif love continues!

The Beyonce fly has a gold ass. Oh come on, it’s kind of funny.

And in who-misses-Fresh-Prince-news:
1.  Wonderful mash up for the best re-living experience
2. Shad imagines the Old Prince still lives at home.