denis gagnon knows how to steal hearts

I’m going to go ahead and assume it’s common knowledge that Denis Gagnon is an amazing designer. With a flair for extremes, paired with a keen ability to tailor and edit, his pieces are wonderfully unique without being so flashy you’re hard pressed to wear them outside of fashion week tents.

The  French-Canadian enfant terrible of the industry is rapidly collecting the hearts of audiences and critics since returning to the fashion stage in 2009, and now with a stand alone boutique, it seems things are continuing to look up.

A recent trip to MTL brought me right to the gates of glory, a classic old building in Old Montreal, glass front, overlooking the basement level shop. A shaggy green chandelier, mannequins in short skirts and leather, a sculptural wood bench, the store is exactly what you’d picture for a designer who so eagerly throws caution to the wind when presented with the idea of standard practice.

Carrying both his signature line, and a few other designers for accessories, shoes and clothing, the store is small and welcoming. With huge change rooms, you feel at ease trying on the masterpieces Gagnon is known for.

How would I know about the change rooms?

Well, I may have gotten a little excited by my surroundings. There was a sale rack (!!) the contents of which made walking away empty handed damn-near impossible. So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my new love: leather and knit jacket, so perfectly fitted, so comfy and so, so beautiful.

You like?

(photo cred)

Denis Gagnon Boutique | 170b rue Saint-Paul Ouest, Vieux-Montréal


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