extend the love-day love with some eye candy

Valentine’s has come and gone, again.


I sure am. And no, the “feelings are for chumps” camp does not wave a flag over here. Rather, the team flag around these parts reads something like “do romantic things anytime, all the time, even now-ish.”

Did you just throw up a bit picturing a couple than on any given night might bring home chocolate, a new toy, or a favourite treat? Well swallow it back down and take note: a couple that treats every day like V-Day is a happy couple.

Depending on holidays to do something special only makes every other day lame. So I propose you do special things more often for no reason at all. An incredibly easy way to do this came to mind the other day when La Senza launched it’s new Eye Candy collection.

The go-to bra and panty stop has taken a swift turn for sultry with it’s lingerie offering as of late, and this collection is just the thing you need to spice up a random good-for-nothing Tuesday.

Healthily padded bras in red and black with lace details make getting sexy super-simple (matching panties abound, of course). For a little something extra, opt for a bustier and garter instead,  plus matching tutu for the brave. Need even more of a costumey jolt? The maid apron babydoll is just for you.The full lingerie collection offers something for everyone, and those shopping in store can easily opt for a 5 second fitting to make sure they’re getting the right fit in addition to the right piece. As for gentlemen looking for a gift but unsure of size: a slip or babydoll may be easier to pick out, and any lady would be happy to get a gift card as well.

One thing’s for sure, with lingerie at under $60, turning a lame old weekday into a very special evening has never been easier. You’ll even have money left over for a bottle of bubbly and perhaps some bedroom bucks.

Check out photos below of La Senza’s Naughty Nights event to launch the collection at the Eaton Centre store, and consider this as your new special look:


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