KayTran gives good face

Last night’s KayTran Eyewear launch at Pink Eye Optical proved to one and all that the brand’s claim of “a different fit in eyewear” was more than accurate. The designed-in-Canada, made-in Italy label boasts a new fit that will eliminate those wretched marks left on your face by ill-fitting glasses, while also promising not to slide down your nose.

We all know those usual sunglass flaws, but we put up with them because the frames are just oh-so-pretty. But KayTran has got that covered too. The sunglasses are all-kinds of gorgeous.

Based on “iconic, reinvented classics that inspire nostalgia,” the collection has got the basic styles covered: aviator, oversized, cat-eye, square. Seven styles in total, each with 2-4 colour options, keep the choices to a reasonable number. And with designer Kathy Tran’s no-muss, no-fuss approach to design, there’s no overzealous bling to creatively hide with bangs. Each piece is perfectly crafted, making it easy to find the ones you can’t live without.

Check out the site to shop online, and keep a lookout for KayTran Eyewear at Goldstein Boutique, Optic Zone and Pink Eye Optical in Toronto, and Artsee Eyewear and Maximeyes in New York.




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