frank & oak wants you to look good.

Boys, boys, boys.

As of late, there’s been a lot of chatter about the male-gender needing to step up it’s dressing game. Sure we have some doing a spectacular job (a.k.a my bestie Sharad who always kills it, and that other boy of mine who dresses every day in hopes of impressing Sharad) – but there are still some slacking. Ill fitting jeans and worn out tees do not a wardrobe make. It’s comfy, sure, but better fitting jeans and a button-up are just as comfy. So listen up.

There’s a new player in town and you’ll want to lend an ear:

Frank & Oak is launching next month with the promise of well-priced gentlemanly clothes & accessories. And it gets better:

1. The selection will be limited edition, with new products each month. So your best-dressed efforts won’t be easily copied.

2. As an online retailer, you can kiss the mall goodbye.

So in summary: affordable, good looking clothes, with zero hassle.

Awesome right? Of course. Now get on the list and let them tell you when you can start digitally-swiping your way to your best-looking spring season.

Clicky, clicky.


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