bake, photo, repeat.

She’s a lucky girl, the one who receives requests to capture her products.
Some are designers, showing off on lovely models.
Some are painters, standing in front of mile high canvases.

Me, I bake.

And luckily, my photogenius friends think baking looks pretty. One in particular  went so far as to hand me a bottle of wine and ask me to bake while she captured it all on her fancypants camera. (I have great friends, right?) And so I baked while friend – codename Fred – took a few hundred shots. It was brilliant. And now the results have arrived and it’s caused me to do a sugar-filled happy dance.

A very brief selection is below for your viewing pleasure, and the whole set can be found over here on Flickr.

(And then send suggestions for what should be shot next s.v.p.)


2 responses to “bake, photo, repeat.

  1. What’s the thing with the skull on it? This photos are so pretty!

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