add this to your playlist :: paper bag records

As the holidays roll around, we’re all about giving and getting. It can be stressful, wondering what to get, if it’ll go on sale, and whatever ever other over-thinking nonsense that’s about to happen.

You know what’s not stressful though? Free music. Legit free music.

Toronto-based indie label Paper Bag Records wants to share some of its roster’s tunes with you, so they’ve compiled a handy Fall 2011 Sampler for your downloading pleasure. Cuff the Duke, Young Galaxy, The Rural Alberta Advantage and more are featured. Haven’t heard of them? Perfect, time for something new on your mp3.

And if you head on over to the website, there’s even more to discover, from covers, mixtapes and another sampler EPs. Right now I’m diggin’ Slim Twig’s mixtape Spit It, Twig! Vol 2. It’s experimental, with perhaps a 50s rock vibe, but only if the 50s were on some kind of hallucinogen. It’s borderline hypnotic.

Spit It Twig Vol. 2 represents my commitment to the free mixtape format I admire so much in artists like Lil WayneThe Clipse. This time I decided to stretch out my repertoire in directions both more overtly hip hop (‘This Night’s Untold’ & ‘More Mercy, Miss Percy’), and even more abstract (‘The Pink Room’, ‘Perfect Pitch’). This mix also features more collaboration than any of my other releases with contributions from Dirty BeachesOnakabazienD-Sisive and a (one-sided-career-fullfilling) collab with David Lynch. The diversity of Spit It Twig Vol. 2 was meant to reveal my intention & future direction with tapes which is to periodically expose experiments, and spontaneous ideas to those who are curious… all for a great price.

Spread a little love this season with new tunes; everyone loves a great discovery!


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