icon: me (à la mode feature)

My feature on à la mode is live and kickin’!

The always wonderful bowtie-clad Marcus Kan felt I was worth featuring along with 5 other great bloggers and I’m thrilled to be amongst this great group.  Septembre Anderson (J’adore), Wendy Ding (Wendy Ding), Justine Iaboni (Whatever Eurotrash), Lisa Nishimura (Sketch & Pixel) & Julio Reyes (Fashionights) are the others featured and you should definitely check them out. All the links are right over here.

And my feature? Right here. With killer photos by Mark Sommerfeld.

Vintage Dolce & Gabbana silk blouse : found at Kingpin.
Jacket : Forever 21
Jeans : Gap
Right hand : high school class ring (sm), Fashion Crimes ring from the boy (lg)
Left hand : scarab ring from my last event – Art of Fashion
Polish : SpaRitual Colour Trip


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