what to do with all those floorshirts

floorshirt     /flôrSHərt/
1. A garment for the upper body made of cloth, with a collar, sleeves, and buttons down the front, which has made a home for itself on the flat surface below your feet.

Our apartment is full of floorshirts, multicoloured critters that infest in the living room, the bedroom and sometimes, that wee little area under the liquor shelf. To date, they’ve had a peaceful existence, spending the bulk of their days on the floor, from time to time being shoved into a pile or, on special occasions (read: company) being shoved into the closet.

They’ve lived free of the traumas of teeshirts and sweaters, which are routinely stolen from their home to be twisted, tugged, and tucked until they’ve been convinced into a womenswear-worthy ensemble, aka: stolen by me.

But now,  yes now, floorshirts can expect the same treatment. Behold.


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