if you do one thing today, listen to this

Last night’s Manitobah Mukluk event was a great celebration of native culture, showing us bit of footwear, food and dance. Lotus Leaf had the good smarts to hold the event in the Bata Shoe Museum, which is one of the cooler places in the city – history, culture and fashion, all neatly bundled up into one multi-level museum? Perfection.

The event showcased an array of mukluks and moccasins, leading to the inevitable topic of conversation: would you wear them? The answer is yes, but please, please not with sweatpants. Give this style of footwear the same respect you’d give to any other shoes -real pants and shirts that have no mention of your alma mater. Mukluks have a great story, read it, treat it well.

The performances were impressive across the board, but it was the DJ crew of A Tribe Called Red that took the crowd by storm, turning the event into a full on dance party. These boys have incredible skills, seamlessly blending their native music with mainstream pop to create a sound unlike anything I’ve ever heard. You feel the life of this music. It isn’t just sounds, it’s a story. And you need to hear it. Luckily, there’s SoundCloud for that.


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