two hundred and sixteen colors

Spanish artist Manuel Fernández is melding the social and the digital with his latest project, Two Hundred and Sixteen Colors. Asking users to select a square and a colour, each will help turn an 8-bit grid into a unique piece of art.

After submitting your name and email, the square becomes yours and yours alone. No one else can colour it, and your name even appears when hovered over. Once all 216 squares have been claimed, the canvas is complete.

It’s a simple concept, social participation, but a nice one. On the surface it shows a piece that is the culmination of a combined effort, but on a deeper level it also acts as a reminder that when we work together, we can create wonderful things. Hidden behind screens everywhere are people of different genders, colours, religions, all blind to these differences and able to work together on this piece.

It’s perhaps a bit idealistic for me to see it this way, but perhaps the world could use a little more idealism and colour.


One response to “two hundred and sixteen colors

  1. Thanks for posting, is a very good and beautiful text about the project!

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