kingpin’s hideaway : where the vintage goes to play

Amidst a cranky-pants-sick-face week, my couch and I became very good friends, separating only for minutes as I fetched us servings of tea and grapefruit. As Thursday night rolled around, the air outside dipped low. Too low. Couch and I decided it would be a good evening to stay in and rest…more. But an email from Anthea piqued my interest:

Gentlemenswear.  With Balls.
Please join us tonight for a warm welcome to the Kingpin Pop-up Shop at Cabaret!

Couch and I talked it over and decided to part ways for the evening. Boyfriend had been dragged to enough girl-only events, it was time we did something for him. And me oh my, am I ever happy to have made that decision.

Hidden in the underground “backstage” of vintage shop Cabaret, Kingpin‘s pop-up shop is every man’s best friend. Lustful for the days of smoking jackets and pipes? You’re covered. Wishing a perfect suit could be easily found with shirt options to spare? You’re covered. Dreaming of that perfect bowler or fedora to top it off? You’re covered. From suits to shoes and all the fixins, you’re covered.

Owner Jonathan Hagey stocks “gentlemens wear, with balls” which includes everything a man needs to look dapper from head to toe. And I do mean everything: suits and shirts of course, along with shoes, hats, cuff links, suspenders, bowties, even clips and pins for the latter.

In what feels like a speakeasy, visitors can peruse the racks and find the likes of Alexander McQueen, Versace and YSL among the incredibly curated collection. All still in top-quality condition to boot.

And ladies fear not – there’s a great collection of womenswear to find as well. This girl walked away with some great heels and a silk Dolce & Gabbana blouse.

Kingpin (Cabaret Vintage) – 672 Queen St. West



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