a trip back in time with gotstyle

With Pan Am and The Playboy Club getting all the on-air attention these days, the world is starting to feel a little retro. The clothes, the hair, and oh so many cigars – what’s old is new again as the 50s & 60s make a come back.

The suiting & menswear pros over at Gotstyle took this new trend and made it all kinds of awesome by turning their Fall 2011 fashion show into a full blown 50s party. Gambling tables, cigarette girls, and bunnies as far as the eye could see, The Gotstyle Club was a throw back to much more glamorous time.

With whiskey in hand, we watched as a collection of greatly tailored suits made their way down the runway (on a collection of equally attractive men, of course), proving that looking sleek and stylish can be exceptionally easy with the help of a great jacket. And while not all men are so lucky to be styled by Sharad Mohan, they can certainly learn a thing or two from this freshly educated man. Colours, layers, ties and bow ties are all your friends. And above all, fun is your friend.

To get some inspiration for yourself or that man in your life, head on over to Gotstyle’s facebook to check out photos of the show and photos of the event.


One response to “a trip back in time with gotstyle

  1. Awww thank you for the shout-out! 😀

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