TFW :: Buckler S/S 2012 Preview

There are a few things you can count on when Buckler sends you an invite:

1. There will be beer.
2. There will be cute boys.
3. There will be, most importantly, great clothes.

This season, the Buckler Spring/Summer 2012 preview moved itself into a cozy little club to showcase another season of casual cool staples. The latest collection hits a great note with it’s inspiration coming from “the dichotomy of the darker aspects of Industrialization,” viewed from the modern area the as iconic structures of a century past find themselves rusted and grown over.

For Buckler, this meant a mix of structure and flow, seen most obviously in tailored blazers and jackets with buttoned in inserts; whether fabric scarves or leather chest-plates, the added details gave the go-anywhere jackets an easy way to switch up into something more unique.

The Buckler signature; an off-center buttoned up shirt, is seen this season in a light-weight white tee that makes looking slick in a t-shirt and jeans a snap. Topped with one of those infamously soft sweaters? Classic cool.

And to finish the looks, some killer bags and clean shoes. The backpack was a big favourite, showing that you can tote around your belongings somewhere other than your pockets and still look great.

What’s so great about Buckler, season after season, is that this man makes it easy for the fellas to look good. Cottons and linens wear easily, while concise colour palettes (black, grey, white with bits of blue and green) mix and match with barely any effort. It’s the perfect balance of laid-back but put together, stylish without being trendy; it’s just easy. And really, who doesn’t want to open their closet to endless possibilities?

Now to wait for the boy to pick up so new pieces so I can resume my usual post-Buckler-spree closet raid .



One response to “TFW :: Buckler S/S 2012 Preview

  1. I really wish I hadn’t seen this as I really want one now!

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