LGFW :: Lala Berlin S/S 2012

Joining us all the way from, well Berlin, Lala Berlin closed up the first night of LG Fashion Week with super-pretty, totally-wearable pieces. Designed by former MTV VJ Leyla Piedayesh, the line began as a knitwear offering but has since branched out into other fabrics, which we are all very thankful for.

The set of patterned dresses that closed up the show were among my favourites, along with the wonderfully fun jackets throughout. Piedayesh’s skills with light fabrics are best showcased in the floor-length, wind catching dresses, and though the knitwear did not take up much space in the selection shown, the few pieces seen prove why Lala Berlin made such an impact, so quickly.

Now we keep our fingers crossed that we get her back next year!

(My camera is not agreeing with the lights in the runway room. Enjoy this overly bright video before finding way better photos here.)


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