the shOws: Canadian homecomings + support for Haiti

New addition to fashion season in Toronto this year is the shOws, a gathering of Canadian designers who show internationally, brought back home for two days of fashion at The Ritz-Carlton Toronto.

With Sharad of Freshly.Educated.Men, I attended Day 1 to see shows by Thomas Tait and Calla Haynes, as well as the premier of the James Conran documentary Letters to Haiti.

Thomas Tait

Calla Haynes

Toronto Life has great reviews (and photos) of both shows.

What I found of most interest was the film, or perhaps, the idea of the film. Conran’s wife, Coco Rocha, is a very successful Canadian model who is endlessly busy travelling for her career. Upon hearing of the devastation in Haiti, she connected with a local charity to help out and then created the Letters to Haiti program, asking kids from around the world to write letters to the children of Haiti, offering them words of support.

The idea is a great one – when devastation strikes, money and supplies are always needed. But the rebuilding process can be a long and hard one. Encouraging messages can go a long way to make the process a bit easier.

That being said, money is still needed. So if you share Coco, James & team’s concern for the people of Haiti, you can help by visiting the organization they worked with, LakayPam, to offer support.

Coco Rocha


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