Saturday Sampler : NY Mag / Cailin Hill

Models get a bad rap for a lot of things. Perhaps one of the worst is the thought that they are mindless coat hangers. There seems to be a belief that models show up, sit quiet, express no thought, then leave after a few pretty photos.

Nothing could be further from the truth, at least not for the ones that people jump at the chance to work with. The best creative comes when everyone is involved, when a team effort creates something larger than the sum of it’s parts. It’s those team members, models included, who make the difference.

The best models are the ones who bring a personality all their own, because in doing so, they offer something no one else can. Cailin Hill is one of those models. She’s smart, sharp witted and barely filtered – and now making a life for herself in New York, where one would assume things are going well since NY Mag decided to bring her in for a Q&A.

Read it here and get a peak into this Canadian girl’s awesome mind.


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