Designer Profile: Klaxon Howl

Check our my guest post for Freshly Educated Men below and the original here.

Note: I was backstage for this show and wouldn’t you know it, Samuel L. Jackson was there to watch the show. I was convinced the models had had an April’s Fool joke played on them as I tried to spot him on the monitor, but then he strolled right on into the backstage. Politely chatting with the designer and taking photos with the models, dressers, and anyone who managed to get themselves in.


Guest Writer: Anne Cayer

LG Fashion Week is here, and to get you prepped, we’ll be featuring some of the great menswear designers showing this season.

First up, we have Klaxon Howl. A brand that found its start in the Queen West shop of the same name, Klaxon Howl now boats a full fledged ready-to-wear menswear line. With military and workwear inspirations, designer Matt Robinson creates pieces with a distinct masculine feel. From outerwear, denim, tops, knits and accessories, a guy need look no further to fully outfit himself with that perfect rugged, but oh so handsome, look.

Of particular note with Klaxon Howl is its small-scale production: all produced by hand with old construction techniques. Paired with natural fabrics and vintage notions, the result is supremely well crafted line, reminiscent of the early 20th century. Looking for inspiration in old movies, even history, leads to the creation of pieces that hold a certain timelessness, not often seen these days. The Klaxon Howl man is not here for fast or flashy fashion, he is here for superior quality. The KH team says it best:

Always adhering to our rule of style over fashion and as Sinatra said “it’s not the hat but how you wear it”.

Klaxon Howl, F/W 2011
Friday, April 1st, 6pm

694B Queen St. West
Toront,o Ontario
M6J 1E7

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