Before Jersey, there was jersey.

As in most things, making a name for yourself in fashion is a challenging thing, some would even say damn near impossible if you haven’t lined your of-the-moment jacket with horseshoes and rabbit feet. But what those people forget is that true, unbridled talent really can conquer all, crush the pessimists, and produce brilliance. Better yet, commercially viable brilliance.

The boys of Greta Constantine have shown this – proving that talent and hard work will get you ahead. I reluctantly offer an example with a bit of reality TV. Not reluctant because I didn’t enjoy it (didn’t we all?), reluctant because it’s so far past that it doesn’t even matter anymore – but that, my dears, is my point. You see, nowadays, everyone jumps on the reality bandwagon to gain their 15 minutes and do whatever possible to make it last [Jersey Shore cast as authors. I rest my case]. What is rare is to see someone excel so wonderfully that you forget where you first saw them. Jennifer Hudson has become “Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson,” leaving Simon Cowell long gone in the dust. If I struggle to find many more examples, I think you’ll understand why – most of these people simply find it hard to break out of the personas they were edited into.

Luckily for us, this was not the case for Greta Constantine. One half participated, didn’t win, moved on. And that’s that. As it should be. Since then, Stephen Wong and Kirk Pickersgill have worked hard to make Greta (and then Ezra) the best it could be. In the process, they have wooed a nation.

Pickersgill and Wong have mastered the art of the dress; beautifully draped, perfectly flattering, unequivocally classy.


To look at their designs can make a girl feel like a princess. And a girl can only imagine the feeling of sitting front row at their fashion show, to see the dresses up close, and to be in the presence of such talent.

She can imagine, and if she’s lucky, she can even win.

(In fact, if you’d like this girl to win, please head on over to the Greta Constantine Facebook page, add them as a friend, then Like my post)


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