teeny tiny stop motion on TED

Thanks to TEDxTO and the Centre for Social Innovation, there’s a whole bunch of knowledge-hungry folks sitting in the CSI lobby, watching a live stream of the TED conference.

To say TED has a lot to offer would be a gross understatement. The content presented can range from quantum mechanics to baby speak to stage and screen – and that’s just what we’ve seen this afternoon.

Also seen this morning, Dot. She’s the star of a short film, taking her through a microscopic world. But Dot isn’t any regular girl. Nope, she’s only 9mm tall.

How on earth is she starring in a film? Easy. By attaching a CellScope microscope to a 12 megapixel Nokia N8 cellphone.

Ain’t she cute?

The scope is the invention of Professor Daniel Fletcher from the University of California, Berkley. He and his team set out to create a microscope that could capture high quality images that would allow medical help to those in remote areas. Captured images can be sent anywhere in the world for specialists to offer a diagnosis, making it much easier to for under-qualified teams in the developing world to get the help they need. Read more about the CellScope here and here.

The film was commissioned by Nokia, directed by Sumo Science and animated by Aardman. It has won gold at the British Arrows Craft Awards for Best Animation, as well as the Film Epica d’Or Award (Grand-Prix).

If you’re looking to find out a bit more about the film’s making, you needn’t look far. The making of is ready for your viewing pleasure.


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