Saturday Sampler – Sam James

Maybe it’s the end of winter drag talking, but lately coffee has gone from morning ritual to damn-near earth shattering addiction. With dreary clouds and nary a Spring hint in sight, this girl has been grasping on to anything that might offer that missing bit of pep brought only by spring…and if you try hard enough, an appropriately caffeinated beverage.

In hopes of lifting the groggy cloud, today’s Saturday Sampler is dedicated to coffee. More specifically, the delicious java produced by Sam James. He might be young, but he’s a hard-working coffee-making machine. With already a second location under his belt, this is a guy who clearly knows what he’s doing.


Torontoist, like many of us, want James’ job. Who could blame them? No boss, your pick of tunes and of course, free coffee. For these reasons and more, James is the latest feature in the site’s I Want Your Job series, which you can read here.

While you do that, I’ll be in the kitchen making a perfect cup of coffee thanks to the precise instructions offered by James.



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