the beautiful transformation

New York Fashion Week is in full effect, showing the world what some of America’s best designers are up to. It’s a feast for the eyes and the perfect appetizer for what’s the come in Europe.

Today, we point your attention not to clothing, but to the makeup.

T Magazine, The New York Times Style Magazine, has been doing its Model-Morphosis feature through the week. Not just the usual look at backstage beauty, T Magazine offers you up two images, divided by a scroll bar that moves between the before and after looks.

For this season, they’ve more or less settled on the scroll bar orientation – letting it move across the image horizontally, rather than vertically. A nice little toy that let’s you give the model the Two-Face look.

Ming Xi at Thakoon

Model names have been unearthed from the copy and included in the headline, which is a nice addition. We’re getting back to the days of models with real personalties, names and style, so it’s good to see even this small change which helps put their names in the public eye.

Now, to go find that perfect shade of orange shadow!


2 responses to “the beautiful transformation

  1. I think the real key is to have the gradation of various shades like on the model. So maybe the perfect three shades of orange!

  2. And a good pinky-fuchsia. Time for a trip to Murale!

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