love totally not on a dime – lingerie

You have 3 more days until Valentines, which is more than enough enough time to trip on the sidewalk, fall into a secret hole and land into a mountain of cash, making what’s about to follow a perfectly reasonable purchase.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold.

The announcement of Jean Paul Gaultier’s collaboration with luxury lingerie label La Perla came out this summer, with two limited edition pieces being shown during Gaultier’s A/W 2010 Couture show. This show took place on my birthday – which I’ll take as a sign of fate.

The images showed a collection that beautifully combined the quality and finesse of La Perla with Gaultier’s signature Parisian elegance and not-so-subtle sexuality.

And now with a little love in the air, La Perla has updated their NYC windows, opening the door for Modelizing to take a few shots of some stunning pieces.


With prices ranging from $200 to over $900, these pieces aren’t for the faint of heart or wallet.

But since you’re about to trip, fall, and land in a pile of money, what’s a few hundred dollars for a fancy brassier?

And since you’ll have the Black Card handy, why not throw in some champagne and truffles?

Harvey Nichols has put together this lovely package of mini brut Champagne bottles and truffles. At £29.95, it’s actually a bit of a steal.

There you go, Valentines Day all wrapped up in a nice little leather and lace bow for you.

A girl can dream can’t she?



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