sxsw from afar

South by Southwest, the annual music, film an interactive conference goes down once again next month. March 11th to 20th will see Austin, Texas explode with thousands of fans, showing up to hear what’s new, undiscovered and about to get big.

It’s a hot bed of killer talent you only wish you knew about sooner.

And now you can.

Whether you’re researching who to check out when you get to Austin (lucky you), or can’t make it down and want to feel a part of the party, Spinner has got your back. They’re offering up downloads from over 140 of the musical performers. For free.

Yes you heard me – over 140 songs for free.

Go ahead, you can do it, legal downloading. It exists I swear. Right up there. Then have a listen and let me know your favourite tune.

Last year’s collection included the song that would see incredibly heavy rotation for a few months…on my MP3 player.


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