a case for homemade

When you grow up in a house where meals are cooked from scratch more often than not, it’s easy to develop an inclination for making everything yourself once you move out.

Those who weren’t privy to such cooking habits in younger years might find themselves a little apprehensive to start. Or maybe just be a little fretful of too much experimenting outside of the recipe.

We’ve long been told the benefits of fresh rather than pre-made, but for those unexperienced cooks, it can seem like a daunting task. How do you find a good recipe? How do you know what you can and can’t play around with? Where do you even start?

How about right here.

Fine Cooking has a handy Recipe Maker tool that let’s you personalize a slew of favourite recipes, allowing you to not only get inspiration for ingredients, but also print out or save the final recipe. So next time the in-laws are headed over, you can break out your secret Potato Gratin and Meatloaf recipes.

For dessert? Why not some custom chocolate-orange-ginger brownies?


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  1. Thanks for this!!

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