time warp, ad-style

Advertising Week is in full effect here in Toronto and it’s chock-full of greatness. What’s really got me interested is watching all of the now & then comparisons.

On Monday, we heard the incomparable Miles Nadal speak at breakfast about how he, and MDC, came to be and what’s up next. Following this, a screening of RiP!: A Remix Manifesto showed the ever-changing world of copyright from Disney to Girl Talk.

Yesterday, we saw Gene Simmons tell us how he got to be the entrepreneurial giant he is now.

Today, we’re going to find out about The Future of Display Ads, only to take a detour back in time for tomorrow’s not-to-be-missed AdBall. This year’s theme: VaVaVintage

I’m a bit dizzy, but really, it isn’t a good Advertising Week if you’re still standing at the end.

You still have time to register for events, including the  AdBall.

Won’t you join us?



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