look into the light

While we’re playing peeper, why not take a gander at these custom light bulbs created by Broooklyn-based artist KAWS (Brian Donnelly) for The Standard Hotel.

The 3-watt bulbs feature specially designed filaments shaped as two “x”s, a feature picked up from some of KAWS’ art which has been known to include plays on popular cartoon characters with crossed out eyes.


I love The Standard and the different projects they have been doing. When invited to create something I wanted to redesign something basic that could be found in every hotel room in the world so we decided to make a light bulb. I like the low colored glow it gives, similar to a candle


The 4.75″ x 2.25″ bulbs fit into standard incandescent fixtures which is particularly useful considering they’re available for purchase. The limited-edition set of three (one of each colour) can be picked up at The Standard Hotel retails shops and online for $65 USD.


One response to “look into the light

  1. These are sooo cool! You always find such interesting items to write about 🙂 Oh and hot lemons are great for colds and sore throats too! Grrr winter winter go away!

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