sometimes all you need is a trumpet

The world is a great big place full of surprises. All the more reason to surround yourself with as many interesting people as possible – to find out about as much interesting stuff as possible.

This couldn’t have been made more apparent than earlier this week, sitting at the bar at La Palette. With our beloved Kensington location shuttered (sigh) it was about time we checked out the new Queen Street digs. After our glass and snack we had a quick chat with owner Shamez Amlani who told us about what may very well be the greatest time of your life.

The Guča trumpet festival

The small town of Guča, Serbia [population ~2,000] is invaded by over half a million people for a weekend of celebration. Concerts Friday, celebrations Saturday and competition Sunday – it’s a packed weekend.

And really, if this doesn’t look like the best party of your life, what does?

Check out MySerbia for their explanation of the festival, which can only begin to express the merriment and warmth that is sure to fill the event:

People sitting at tables, dancing on the tables, falling under the tables. Anything goes these five days of merriment, singing, dancing, eating and drinking. And the sound of the trumpet has a beneficial effect on the visitors’ organisms, healing all forms of stress, worries and psychical problems.

It’s the worth read through noticeably rough English to get a feeling of just how incredible the festival must be. And you can bet I’ll be throwing my pennies in a trumpet until the day a plane lands me in Serbia for the best weekend of my life. Guaranteed.


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