mood board for the rest of us


Mood board, -n

a board used by designers on which samples of various colours and textures are mounted to help in deciding which elements complement each other

More and more, mood boards have moved out of design studios and into the homes of fashion lovers everywhere. The beauty of mood boards is that they are yours only – an easy way to map out your personal style. By pasting together images of anything that speaks to you, from clothes to cosmetics, closeups to panoramas, more than anything, mood boards are about illustrating exactly what they imply: a mood. True personal style comes from how you feel in the clothes and, as a result, the image you portray. Focusing on images that “speak to you” (in true cliché, cheesy terms) will help you gather a collection that is most true to you.

Of course, mood boards are a lot easier to create when you have access to a wide array of images. Magazines are a perfect starting point, along with fashion show shots, style blogs and so. But if you’re looking for super-easy, super-fun mood board creation, look no further than right here.

Sent to me by the lovely Anthea over at Clothes Line Finds, Fashionista links to a contest Polyvore is running to create a great mood board. Judged by Fashionista editor Lauren Sherman, the winner will receive a schwag bag complete with a Jimmy Choo clutch. Whoa.

So head on over and start creating. You may win a bag, but more importantly, you may make some great personal style discoveries.

Bright Wishes

3 responses to “mood board for the rest of us

  1. Good article, I am an image and fashion stylist and the mood board is used in our workshops in profiling to determine a personal style. The appearance tells people who you are, what you represent and how you connect with others on an emotional level. A personal style is what gives the ‘POD’ (point of difference) edge from others.
    Thank you for sharing, Hana Guenzl

  2. Love yours and I linked back to you!

  3. Thank you and have a great day, look forward to other posts.

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