Another Year, Another Circus?

Here it is : my first post for Ad Week. You can find the original, here.


It would be an understatement to say that those of us coming in from out of town take advantage of as many great events as possible during Advertising Week. From inspiring speakers at the ADC, to heated debates at the Times Center and incomparable performances by More F**ing Cowbell, I have never seen so much greatest crammed into 5 days.

And this year?

Well, let’s just say I’m already strategizing where to buy my energy drinks (Rock Star is far better suited to the occasion than Red Bull, don’t you think?).

What’s got me so desperate for alert consciousness?

Well, thanks to an amazing schedule, far too much to list right now. However, at the top of the list is a very strong showing of topics that offer a view of creativity slightly outside the realm of advertising. I’ve seen many people feel so completely bombarded with ad-related content that they can barely see the forest through the trees. Fifteen seconds this, over-budget that, more red ink here, bigger logo there; it can start to weigh down on all of us at times. Sometimes the easiest way to get back on top of things is to find new inspiration and be reminded of the great potential held in creative thinking.

I’ll be learning more about the circus at Cirque du Soleil Creative Process. Let’s just put it out there – we all secretly wish we’d just run away and joined the circus years ago because, man, have you seen those catering facilities? But really, Cirque du Soleil is undoubtedly one of the most creative forces out there and I want to hear any secrets they care to spill. How do they get inspired? How do they support their teams to make sure creative forces aren’t drained?

From an equally inspiring perspective, I’m barely keeping my cool in anticipation of The Comet Launch. Anyone who’s known me more than a day has likely been subject to my professions of love for the 1980s. So when a one-on-one with Cyndi Lauper popped into the schedule, there was a happy dance worthy of the top prize on America’s Funniest Home Videos. This woman has made a name for herself like few others, and in a world where brands are constantly fighting to be noticed, an eighties icon is one of the best people to take advice from.

No doubt, my brain will be on complete overload all week, so keep a look out for the girl with an elephant-sized twinkle in her eye and a caffeinated drink in her hand, and come say hi.

Anne Cayer hails from Toronto, Ontario, where her joie de vivre is readily fulfilled with all things food, fashion, and marketing. When she isn’t managing accounts at Transcend Publicité, you can find her in the kitchen baking up a mean set of cupcakes. Follow her on Twitter at @annecayer.


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