big city, bigger heels

Before I get on with my post, I’m going to say one thing – please ladies, do yourself (and all of us a favour) and do not walk home in your towering cork heels on cobblestone roads at all hours of the night after an evening of free pouring champagne. Because if you do, there’s a good chance you’ll end up on your face in the middle of a Soho street. *sigh* Why don’t we ever learn?

Now on with the writing.

New.York.City. So close, yet so far. After a whopping twelve-hour bus ride we arrived, only an hour and a half late. With less than 3 hours to take in Fashion’s Night Out we ran ourselves down 7th right into the heart of Soho to begin our adventure. Some highlights:

  •  Betsey Johnson : an eternal favourite of mine. Bright colours, layers of tulle and smiles all around, you can’t walk into one of her stores without being overwhelmed with a sudden feeling of love.
  • Buckler : boyfriend fell in love with a t-shirt, probably aided by the two double gin and tonics he’d been given (yeah, do the math) so that made this a happy place. We also ended up at the very awesome after party, and after-after party. Buckler made up a large portion of the night and for this I am very thankful.
  • Y-3 : there were some very questionable dancers, but there was also secret champagne to tide me over during the beer-only party. There were also these guys (which I very responsibly did not spend $400 for).

As for the rest of the weekend, we saw some of Brooklyn, we ate at my beloved Back Forty, checked out Santos Party House and spent too much time in cabs.

TaDa 36 hours in New York.


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