what’s it called…productivity?

There’s something about this time of year that makes it oh so hard to work – the summer is ending and we’re all grasping for what little nice weather is left. Add in some anticipation for upcoming travels and *bam* restlessness the likes of which no one has ever seen.

But alas, this year will be different.

I shall not watch every single rerun of Friends and Buffy.

I shall not add blogs to my reader just for the sake of it.

I shall not make elaborate 3 course lunches on a Tuesday.

I shall not spin in circles insisting I know not what to do.

And instead

I shall keep the damn TV off, seriously, I mean it.

I shall read more things of real interest.

I shall make to do lists and set goals – daily.

I shall make more time for friends and adventure.

So there we have it. My promise to myself to be more productive this fall. But just so we’re clear, The Daily Bunny stays on my Google Reader. I mean, come on:

(Thanks, Lex!)

* What, don’t you love bunnies?

** Yes, I’m aware that I, a grown woman, just posted a picture of a small rabbit to my blog.

*** No, I’m not going to apologize like I should know better or something. Bunnies need love too.


2 responses to “what’s it called…productivity?

  1. I just started using a pen and paper daily planner again. Somehow, it makes me far more productive than any digital attempts at planning.

  2. Agreed. The only luck I’ve had with digital calendars has been with Entourage’s calender while I had an office job. Otherwise, it’s pen and paper all the way.

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