blog, she wrote

Announcement time!

It is with much pleasure that I announce the latest development in my “let’s try new stuff” adventures – blogging! Well, that part isn’t so new, but this one is – for someone else!

Yes, yes, you heard it right here kids, yours truly will be blogging from New York Advertising Week. From daytime speaker series to whatever nighttime nonsense we can sweet-talk our way into, the Ad Week Blog Squad will be keeping you up to date on all the happenings. Still being updated, you can read the bios up so far here.

And of course, you can follow the happenings on the Advertising Week Posterous blog right over here.

I must say I’m really rather excited. Ad Week is always something I look forward to, but now I have the bonus of feeling a lot more involved and an excuse to meet even more people.

As for real-time updates, I’m looking into getting myself a real grown up phone (a.k.a not my beloved+super affordable pay&talk slide phone, but a real deal smart phone) which should make Twitter my new best friend. For now it’s a medium mostly reserved for contest entries and bantering with friends, but heck, come on over and follow me anyway. @annecayer


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