aventures sur bicyclettes (one through four)

There’s been a longstanding debate in this house that goes a little like this:

boy : you should get a bike
girl: but they scare me
boy : but we’d get places faster
girl : but they scare me

And so this went on until a few short weeks ago, this guy came into my life

He doesn’t have a name yet, but hopefully will soon. Until then, I introduce you to awesome-name-pending-bike-guy and his awesome adventures. To date, we’ve had an impressive 4 adventures on bikes (or, aventures sur bicyclettes, as I like to call them). And yes, this is impressive – I live in downtown Toronto. You try riding a bike down here when you haven’t owned one since the age of 12.

And to celebrate Mr. Awesome-name-pending-bike-guy, I offer you a brief recap of our adventures together so far.

Aventure numéro un : Riverdale Farm / Tremors

One thing we’ve come to realize now that I have a bike is that we never go to the East end. Yet suddenly, it’s all super-accessible to us thanks to the horrifying mess that is the Gerrard bike lane. [note to beginner bikers: Gerrard might be the most poorly maintained street in the city].

Our first adventure started immediate after I purchased Mr. Awesome-name-pending-bike-guy, as we tore off the tags and rode him out the store. “To Riverdale Farm!” we shouted. “Oh my god why does this street suck” “Please don’t hit me” “The light’s changing what do I do” were other things I would shout. Luckily, we made it there safe.

We had a lovely walk around the farm, found a crazy lady hanging out in the horse pen, and then headed to the grass for a picnic. Then, we wandered over to Riverdale Park East – where the magic would happen.

On a large blow up screen at the bottom of a grassy hill they played the Kevin Bacon classic Tremors. It was just as good as I remembered. Better, in fact.

Aventure numéro deux : Ossington

A simple prospect – it’s nice out, let’s go outside. And so we rode to the Ossington strip to have a look around. It was exactly what we expected: galleries, vintage shops, food. All things we like. All things we enjoyed.

Among some entertaining finds:

Aventure numéro trois : The Beach(es)

Same prospect – it’s nice out, let’s go outside. Except this time we went too far outside. Or rather, too far East. So far East. Such sore legs. The pain overtook any memory I had of that day.

Aventure numéro quatre : Leslieville / Taste of the Danforth

This was a whopping three-parter.

Part 1 – Bike Sauce Social Hub and Library Launch.  Bike Sauce is actually a great concept – volunteer run and donation supported:

This will be a place where you can fix your bicycle using our tools and recycled or new parts. If you dont know how to fix it, our volunteers will be there to help you. It will also be a social space where you can come and meet with your neighbours and figure out how to improve our city.

Part 2 – Bonjour Brioche for brunch. Delish!

Part 3 – The circus that is Taste of the Danforth…oh lord what were we thinking? It was hot, busy, loud and only enjoyable due to laughing at how ridiculous the whole thing was. It ended in park drinking…as more days should.

Now, for more adventures!

À l’aventure!


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