Saturday Sampler – Eden Hertzog

Today’s interview features one of my favourite topics : food. Cookies, in particular.

Eden Hertzog runs New Moon Kitchen, and from the sounds of this article – completely kicking ass at it.

Baking is something I’ve long considered as a career path, but has been afraid of doing it for fear that I would do to baking what I did to theatre. See, I went to school for theatre, and the whole experience was so messed up that it turned me off wanting to do it professionally. But reading articles like this make me realize that you can in fact turn your passion into your career and still love it in the end. I think the important thing is just to remember to have fun. I mean in the end, what good is anything if you aren’t having fun?

So you head of here, and have a read, while I go sit and contemplate my next truffle test flavour.

Oh, and I think Eden’s blog Adventures of a Baker Babe just gave me a killer new weekend breakfast recipe: Better-than-Breakfast Spelt Berry Scones


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