nxne, here I come

For 5 years I have watched as the month of June rolled by, bringing with it the great festival that is North by North East. And for 5 years I have sat and watched it fly right be, each time thinking “things will be different, this year I’ll volunteer.” But then this year turns into “next year, I swear” when the pressures of school and work became too much and the possibility of giving three consecutive nights to someone else just isn’t feasible.

Well, this year is different my friends. I finally applied and am now a NXNE stage manger. Years of theater school flashed before my eyes when I found out.

You see way back when, I wanted to work in theater – so much so that I threw tens of thousands of dollars at York University…yeah, that was my first mistake..hindsight is 20/20 right? It was certainly a time of firsts:

  • first time giving anyone that much of my and my parents’ money
  • first time living outside of Welland
  • first time living on my own
  • first time going to school in English for longer than 4 months
  • first time eating sushi
  • and the list goes on

Point is, this was a pretty scary time of my life, but through all that I feel in love with two aspects of theatre: lighting and stage managing.

The former was a bit of a shocker. I’m not the hugest fan of heights, but somehow felt right at home in the lighting grid – unfortunately this dream was quickly squashed when I realized the organizing body at the time didn’t actually care to put much effort into letting me learn and practice what I was interested in. And the hectic schedule didn’t give me confidence in my ability to take on extracurricular work. As for stage managing, I finally got to do that when I enrolled in summer school to start pounding out credits when I decided to go to university and college at the same time…yeah, I was full of bright ideas at the time. The class had me stage managing a play that we’d put on at the end of the term. It went surprisingly well and despite being a constant source of stress, I really enjoyed it. This no doubt helped to propel my masochist career turn to advertising.

So in a way I’m back tracking, but in a forward moving way – how very spooky. But this is good. I’m doing something I meant to do ages ago while also getting back into the world of music, a world which I used to be unbelievably immersed in.

Score 1 for Anne.

I hope.

And of course – if you’re looking for somewhere to be June 17, 18 or 19 – you can come check out the shows happening all over the city and particularly at the Free Times Cafe on College Street to see how I’m doing as first time NXNE stage manger!

Now to explain to my parents why we have to move father’s day celebrations… 


2 responses to “nxne, here I come

  1. Cool Anne!

    What kindof things does a stage manager do?

  2. You’re effectively the liaison between nxne and the bands at your venue. So you’re in touch with them ahead of time to give them all the details, answer any questions, and so on.
    And then some other stuff too: contact your volunteers, watch over the gear, make sure people get on and off stage on time, etc.

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