here comes spring, and with it change

After the lovely season that we kindly referred to as Maytober, Spring has finally sprung. It has brought us humidity and sunshine, but it has also brought a lot of change. Well, change in the world of fashion anyway: Sarah Burton has been named creative director at Alexander McQueen (finally, my mind is at ease) and Christophe Lemaire will be taking over at Hermès. It’s the latter that prompted today’s post.

The New York Times had a chat with Hermès general artistic director Alexis Dumas about the new hire. It’s a good read – seriously, it’s the only thing that managed to hold my attention for a whopping 5 minutes today. (I’ve got a serious case of Spring fever going and when that happens, 5 minutes is a big deal.) Dumas said a couple of things that really hit a chord with me:

I think you have to trust your intuition.

I have to say we were the first to be surprised when we made the decision. We looked at each other and said, ‘It’s Christophe.’ We knew he was the right person. I think it’s very healthy to force oneself to not necessarily go for what is obvious.

There’s a real insight there about our human nature – we love the obvious, the easy, the certain. So often we listen to our gut, but then toss it aside in favour of practicality. This is something I struggle with. Often. I’m not infrequently found in situations hat aren’t quite right as a result of my inability to trust my gut. Add to that my fear of making mistakes and you end up with a person who is responsible and practical…to a fault. And while there are benefits to some level-headed thinking, and feel that now is the time to break out of that shell and really take some risks. In 2010, I’ve seen friends make some pretty huge leaps of faith – they trusted their instincts and succeeded. It’s inspiring to see this kind of behaviour.

So, I write an open letter to my head:

Dear Head,

We’ve been together for some time now – I really do appreciate all you’ve done for me, but I believe we’ve come to an impasse. You love thinking things through, which is great and all, but I believe you may have taken things too far. Fact is, you’ve made yourself king in what was once a democracy. That ain’t cool.

You will have a new role moving forward – consultant. Heart and Gut are both perfectly capable of making decisions, and even more so as a team. They will look to you for advice, guidance and support. We must work together as a team for the betterment of everyone.

You have shown much greatness throughout the years so I hope you will find this new role to be a satisfying new challenge. I have faith in you, as I hope you have in Heart and Gut.

All my best,



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