Saturday Sampler – Chuck Hughes

Thanks to the Food Network, this house is now constantly filled with charming Frenchmen. It all started with the lovely Ricardo, who exudes more charm than most people can muster up even when meeting the parents for the first time. But then, then, came Chuck. I had read about him some time prior to his show’s debut and was already intrigued by his food and story. Upon seeing the first episode of Chuck’s Day Off, I was hooked. He could be described as a younger, hipper, tattooed version of Ricardo with a whole new kind of charm all his own. I mean come on, the guy has a tattoo of lemon meringue pie (among other things) , how can you not love him?

I was lucky enough to eat at his restaurant, Garde-Manger last summer and the food was absolutely excellent. If you’re ever in Old Montreal and looking to spend a nice long evening in a fantastic restaurant, this is the place. And for the seafood lovers, the seafood platter is a veritable tower of food. Looking at it from afar filled our tummies.

So for today’s Saturday Sample, I offer you The Gazette’s interview with Chuck Hughes. And for the record, this man lives my dream:

Whenever I go out, I say: “Bring me all the appetizers.”

Chuck Hughes


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