a plan

Ok guys, I have a plan. Aren’t you proud? You should be, because it’s a pretty foolproof and awesome plan. Here it is:

Step One : Charm someone fabulous upon my next visit to NYC

Step Two : Have them offer me an amazing job

Step Three : Be added to the V.I.P. list at the next Met Gala

How can this go wrong? (And yes the job is a must, I’m a big fan of being able to support myself.) Oh one more thing – as it seems no one wore Alexander McQueen S/S 2010 to this year’s ball, I shall arrive in this.

Ok, a little far-fetched I know. But on a slightly more serious level, a thought struck me the other day that got me pondering.

When I look at the people whom I’ve had the pleasure to work with who’ve done well they all have one thing in common – they all seem to know a lot of people in high places. Now can someone tell me, do you meet these people as a result of your high stature, or do you reach your high stature as a result of your connections?

I ask because while I do love to network and meet new people, I may not be quite as good at it as I’d like. Actually, maybe then the better question would be: how can I improve my networking/follow-up skills? Not just in a professional capacity, but in a way that these people keep me in their rolodex, stay in touch, invite me to events, introduce me to others, and expect me to do the same. Essentially, keep me as part of their network.

Any thoughts?


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