Saturday Sampler – The one, the only Kelly Cutrone

In the world of fashion PR, no one has made a name for themselves quite like Kelly Cutrone. In addition to heading up the hugely successful People’s Revolution, Cutrone has become a fixture in households across North America with her involvement in The Hills, The City and finally Kell on Earth. Her personality is reality tv gold – outspoken and unapologetic – so it’s no surprise she’s found success in this avenue. She may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but personally, I think this woman is fantastic.

To start a company as young as Cutrone  did and to have the tenacity to turn it into something this big is not an easy feat. She’s done it in a style all her own without ever compromising. Watching her in those shows, reading her interviews, and following her tweets, I can tell that this is the kind of person who could help guide you to a fantastic career – and not because of the name on your resume, but because Cutrone accepts nothing but the best. I imagine her to be the kind of person who can recognize, appreciate and ultimately go out of her way to support young talent. But not just any young talent, the kind that’s going to work as hard as she did. The kind that’s willing to stand behind something they believe in, but never rest on the laurels of others. The kind that will truly appreciate the opportunities that are presented to them.

So as this week’s Saturday Sampler, I offer you a recent article from the The Guardian in which Cutrone offers her top 10 tips for a career in fashion.

Read it here.

My personal favourite, is number 6 – Be The Village Girl

You don’t have to hail from the big city and be dripping in diamonds to work in fashion. The village girl might not have been the prettiest, the most economically privileged or the smartest girl, but she has a strong work ethic and is often the most frequently looked over. She’s tenacious, kind and intuitive. Through proper cultivation, mentoring or the right environment, it’s “Ding!” and she’s in her game. Don’t underestimate her.

I identify with this girl. Maybe more so than people might expect me to. It’s become a joke in our household that I am incapable of being unemployed and that opportunities seem to fall in my lap. It is just that though – a joke. The truth is I’ve worked my ass off for everything I’ve gotten. People are usually shocked to hear my age as they assume I’m older and more experienced than I really am. And this is where I remind myself to be the village girl. While people continue to have high expectations of me, I keep working twice as hard to not let them down. And to be honest, I’ve usually got higher expectations for myself than anyone else. I’m hard on myself, probably too hard, but it keeps me going and pushes me forward.

One day I will make something great of myself and I will have people like Kelly Cutrone to thank for showing me that you can become a success if you just stick to your guns and work harder than anyone else.


One response to “Saturday Sampler – The one, the only Kelly Cutrone

  1. I love you. You inspire me ❤

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