food, food, everywhere

A few posts ago I promised big news. Well the day has come folks.

The boy and I have been casted for a reality show, where we will cook and host a dinner party, to be aired on…wait for it…The Food Network. I’m not at liberty to say much more than that, but I think anyone who knows my love of food, television and the Food Network will appreciate the absolute euphoria that was flowing through my veins on the day I found out.

We’ve already started filming and the big stuff happens this week, so I’ll ask that everyone send any positive energy they can spare our way. Because as much as I’m excited, I’m nervous as all hell too. It’s only once you’ve started filming and noticed the producer trying to get you to act a certain way that the reality of reality tv sets in – you don’t control the editing room, you don’t control what’s taken out of context, you don’t control how you’re portrayed to the audience. Whoa. That being said, I’m thinking positive and hoping for the best. After all, it’s an amazing opportunity and experience, which if I recall correctly is exactly what I was going for this year.


One response to “food, food, everywhere

  1. ***Sending happy vibes *********

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